“…Food served at The Reading Room was a meal of comfort, down-to earth that filled the stomach.”


“…If books are your cup of tea – they are ours – add The Reading Room on your list of cafes to patronise.”


“…The tranquillity of this hidden gem makes it an incredibly valuable spot for individuals who appreciate escaping into their reads peacefully. “


“…Must try: Café Mocha, Affogato, Crumble Top Cheesecake, Red Velvet Cake.”


“The chairs are comfy, the lighting is good and the music isn’t too distracting. Will definitely keep coming back to this café”


“Great homely ambiance, delectable food at reasonable prices, free Wi-Fi, as well as shelf after shelf of books.”


“A wide variety of books await for the bookworm to indulge on.”


“And… I love it!, the concept, and decor, although the chairs are a little low to eat properly.”

-Rubbish eat rubbish grow

“I really loved the tranquillity in this cafe.”


“If you are around the area, craving for a coffee in the day or a couple of drinks at night, check out The Reading Room.”